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  1. Human Knowledge and its Validity as Knowledge of Truth in Saint Thomas Aquinatis 'Quaestiones disputatae De veritate [Livre] / Dominikus Saku

    Auteur: Saku, Dominikus
    Description: xv-247 p. ; 25cm

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  2. Beyond the paradox of the nostalgic modernist [Livre] : a study of temporality in the works of J.-K. Huysmans / Elisabeth Donato (Auteur)

    Description: 317 p. ; 30 cm

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  3. The cosmic dimension of Jesus' Incarnation : a theological and critical study [Livre] / Raphael Nathan Joseph Raj

    Description: XXXV-227 p. ; 24cm

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  4. "Use of reason" in marriage : doctrine and jurisprudence based on canon 1095-1 [Livre] / Hyacinth Michael Nayakam

    Description: VIII-163 p. ; 24cm

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  5. The Rule of Faith in St. Thomas More's Controversy with William Tyndale, 1528-1533 [Livre] / Willis J. Egan

    Auteur: Egan, Willis J.
    Description: iii-85 p. ; 23cm

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  6. The Pastoral Spirit of Saint Francis de Sales [Livre] / Midathada Mariadas

    Description: xii-146 p. ; 24cm

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  7. The Trinity and the chinese culture : inculturation in the catholic Church in China [Livre] / John Lai Shou-Chung

    Description: 171 p. ; 24cm

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  8. A study of the evangelizing mission of the Church in contemporary Asia, in the light of the documents of the Federation of Asian Bishop's Conferences : 1970-1995 [Livre] / Agustinus Bula

    Auteur: Bula, Agustinus
    Description: X-294 p. ; 24cm

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  9. Christ-Centred History in the Thinking of Oscar Cullmann : A Dogmatic-theological Investigation [Livre] / Yilaka Anthony

    Auteur: Anthony, Yilaka
    Description: 280 p. ; 24cm

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  10. Life-Giving Blessing : An Inquiry into the Eucharistic Doctrine of Cyril of Alexandria [Livre] / Ezra Gebremedhin