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  1. Bioethics critically reconsidered [Ressource électronique] : having second thoughts / edited by H. Tristram Engelhardt.

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  2. The codification of medical mortality [Texte imprimé] : historical and philosophical studies of the formalization of western medical morality in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. vol 1, Medical ethics and etiquette in the eighteenth century. vol 2, Anglo-american medical ethics and medical jurisprudence in the nineteenthth century / ed. Robert Baker, Dorothy Porter, Roy Porter.

  3. Critical choices and critical care [Texte imprimé] : Catholic perspectives on allocating resources in intensive care medicine / edited by Kevin Wm. Wildes.

  4. On the nature of health [Texte imprimé] : an action-theoretic approach / Lennart Nordenfelt, ....

  5. Theology and bioethics [Texte imprimé] : exploring the foundations and frontiers / edited by Earl E. Shelp, ....

  6. Medical ethics in Antiquity [Texte imprimé] : philosophical perspectives on abortion and euthanasia / Paul Carrick.

    Description: 1 vol. (XXVI - 242 p.) : ill. ; 24 cm.

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  7. The contraceptive ethos [Texte imprimé] : reproductive rights and responsibilities / edited by Stuart F. Spicker, William B. Bondeson, and H. Tristram Engelhardt, Jr.

  8. The Use of human beings in research [Texte imprimé] : with special reference to clinical trials / edited by Stuart F. Spicker..., Ilai Alon ... , Andre de Vries ..., [et al.].

    Description: 1 vol. (XXI - 291 p.) ; 23 cm.

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  9. Ethics and critical care medicine [Texte imprimé] / edited by John C. Moskop and Loretta Kopelman....

  10. Health care systems [Texte imprimé] : moral conflicts in European and American public policy / edited by Hans-Martin Sass and Robert U. Massey.

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