EDHEC Books Box is waiting for you

Are you studying at EDHEC Business School  ?

Since December, maybe you know that Books Box is coming...

But what is "book Box"?

It looks like a book crossing system, just for EDHEC campus. Feel free to pick up a book, return it after you read and fill books box’s shelves with your own books. You will recognize every book from Books Box with BB sticker. You can find 82 books in Book Box next to the Library. They have been donated by students, librarians or staff.

A website is currently developing by EDHEC litterature and HelloWorld! in order to register new books. As a free online book club, you could give recommendations about titles you’ve enjoyed. You will also be able to see at every minute what books are available and where to find them at Edhec.

What does books Box need?
Every genre is accepted in many languages. One rule : we used reading as an escape!
  • Novel
  • Fiction
  • Classics
  • Comics
  • Manga
  • Fantasy
  • Romance
  • Chick-lit
  • Biography
  • Crime
  • Science-fiction
  • Poetry
  • Historical fiction...
Do you want to donate a book?
Ask our lovely librarians in Edhec Library for BB sticker. Stick it on book cover and your book becomes part of Books Box!
In order not to mix library’s books and books from books box, pay heed to the BB stickers.

We keep in touch… and enjoy reading!


Video presentation is here!

To get more informations, watch the video! You will know everything for sharing your books with EDHEC campus.