Hormones, talent, and career : unlock your hormonal quotient / Diana Derval, Johan Bremer.

Auteur secondaire: Bremer, Johan. Auteur
ISBN: 9783642257124
Note de bibliographie: Bibliogr. (p. 79-82)
Résumé ou extrait: The media now regularly feature breakthroughs on the influence of prenatal hormones on the brain and behavior, for instance the link to financial performance or risk management. Based on these findings and their own experiments, the authors present the Hormonal Quotient (HQ) as a scientific, holistic and reliable career management and personal development tool for professionals. Eight HQ profiles and their corresponding typical business skills and preferences are presented and enable the reader to benchmark their HQ with peers, design an ideal career plan, build a winning team in business and find the perfect work-life balance. A complimentary website allows readers to easily measure their HQ online.
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