The right sensory mix [Texte imprimé] : targeting consumer product development scientifically / Diana Derval.

ISBN: 9783642120923 (rel)
364212092X (rel)
9783642423895 (br)
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Résumé ou extrait: "The Right Sensory Mix" by Diana Derval contains a groundbreaking scientific method for businesses to understand and predict consumers’ behavior and product preferences. Many companies fail to acknowledge disparities observed among customers and simply put it down to culture or emotion. However, new neuroendocrinological research proves that consumers are rational: They just have a different biological perception of the same stimulus. After reading the book, managers will be able to: • Understand and predict consumers’ behavior and preferences • Design the right sensory mix (color, shape, taste, smell, texture, and sound) for each product • Fine-tune their positioning and product range for every local market • Systematically increase their innovation hit rate
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