Leadership ethics, contexts and narratives [Texte imprimé] / edited by Joanne B. Ciulla, Mary Uhl-Bien and Patricia H. Werhane.

Titre de la revue: Leadership ethics 3
ISBN: 9781446257357 (rel)
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Table des matières: P. vii Introduction : leadership ethics, contexts and narratives / Patricia H. Werhane P. 1 Part I, Leadership ethics in the context of gender, ethnicity and race P. 3 49, Women leaders in a globalized world / Patricia H. Werhane P. 21 50, Women and the labyrinth of leadership / Alice H. Eagly and Linda L. Carli P. 35 51, Weaving color lines : race, ethnicity and the work of leadership in social change organizations / Sonia Ospina and Celina Su P. 79 52, Of the meaning of progress / William Edward Burhardt Du Bois P. 87 Part II, The ethics of leaders and followers in groups P. 89 53, Groupthink / Irving L. Janis P. 99 54, Groupthink : an introduction to Janis' theory of concurrence-seeking tendencies in group work / Anthony Hempelle P. 107 55, Eichmann in Jerusalem / Hannah Arendt P. 115 56, Satyagraha / Mohandas Gandhi P. 119 57, Bystander intervention in emergencies : diffusion of responsibility / John M. darley and Bibb Latané P. 131 58, Followers' judgment of leader integrity as situated social cognition / Dejun Tony Kong P. 149 Part III, The ethics of leaders and followers in systems P. 151 59, Ethics and network organanizations / Robert A. Phillips P. 163 60, Complexity leadership theory : shifting leadership from the industrial age to the knowledge era / Mary Uhl-Bien, Russ Marion and Bill McKelvey P. 199 61, Systemic leadership : ethical and effective / Jane Collier and Rafael Esteban P. 215 62, The ones who walk away from Omelas / Ursula K. Le Guin P. 223 63, Shooting an elephant / George Orwell P. 229 Part IV, Leadership ethics and culture P. 231 64, Bridging leadership and culture : a theoretical consideration of transformational leadership and collectivistic cultures / Dong I. Jung, Bernard M. Bass and John J. Sosik P. 247 65, The paradigm of ethical development for civilized leadership in Africa / Abiodun Salawu P. 259 66, The Socrates of Africa and his student : a case study of pre-colonial african leadership / Max du Preez P. 269 67, Leadership and local structures in the amazon region / Ruth Capriles P. 281 68, Servant leadership in the bedouin-arab culture / Yasin Khalaf Sarayrah P. 293 69, The races at Tsikuvi : why the Payupki people departed / Harold Courlander
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