Theoretical aspects of leadership ethics [Texte imprimé] / edited by Joanne B. Ciulla, Mary Uhl-Bien and Patricia H. Werhane.

Titre de la revue: Leadership ethics 1
ISBN: 9781446257357 (rel)
1446257355 (rel)
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Table des matières: P. xxv Introduction : Theoretical aspects of leadership ethics / Joanne B. Ciulla P. 1 Part I, Foundational questions about ethics and the meaning of leadership P. 3 1, Leadership ethics : mapping the territory / Joanne B. Ciulla P. 25 2, The romance of leadership / James R. Meindl, Sanford B. Ehrlich and Janet M. Dukerich P. 55 3, What, after all, is leadership ? 'Leadership' and plural action / Eva D. Kort P. 91 4, Justice and the leader / Plato P. 101 Part II, Normative models of leadership P. 103 5, Selections from servant leadership : a journey into the nature of legitimate power and greatness / Robert K. Greenleaf P. 109 6, The structure of moral leadership / James MacGregor Burns P. 127 7, Ethical leadership : a social learning perspective for construct development and testing / Michael E. Brown, Linda K. Treviño and David A. Harrison P. 163 8, Authentic leadership : a review of the literature and research agenda / William L. Gardner, Claudia C. Cogliser, Kelly M. Davis and Matthew P. Dickens P. 217 9, Responsible leadership : pathways to the future / Nicola M. Pless and Thomas Maak P. 233 Part III, Ethics and effectiveness and the problem of dirty hands P. 235 10, Ethics and effectiveness : the nature of good leadership / Joanne B. Ciulla P. 269 11, The moral aspect of leadership / John W. Gardner P. 283 12, Selection from The Prince / Niccolò Machiavelli, translated by W. K. Marriott P. 291 13, Political action : the problem of dirty hands / Michael Walzer P. 299 Part IV, Ethical failure and the use and abuse of power P. 301 14, "The first sermon" and "the synopsis of truth" / Buddha P. 305 15, The bathsheba syndrome : the ethical failure of successful leaders / Dean C. Ludwig and Clinton O. Longenecker P. 319 16, Abuse, privilege and the conditions of responsibility for leaders / Terry L. Price P. 335 17, Leadership and the problem of bogus empowerment / Joanne B. Ciulla P. 357 18, Book III, chapter 4 and book V, chapter 9 of Politics, Aristotle P. 363 Part V, Self-interest and altruism in leadership P. 365 19, Why rulers rule / Arnold M. Ludwig P. 383 20, Leviathan (Chapter XIII : Of the natural condition of mankind, as concerning their felicity and misery) / Thomas Hobbes P. 389 21, Ethical dimensions in leadership motivation / Rabindra Nath Kanungo and Manuel Mendonca P. 399 22, The reverent leader / Paul Woodruff P. 413 Part VI, The role of trust, care, virtue and duty P. 415 23, The instruction of Ptah-Hotep and the instruction of Ke'Gemni : the oldest books in the world / Ptah-Hotep P. 419 24, Being there : why leaders should not "fiddle" while Rome burns / Joanne B. Ciulla P. 441 25, Virtue as moral capital from The Moral capital of leaders : why virtue matters / Alejo José G. Sison P. 455 26, A kantian theory of leadership / Norman Bowie
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