Winning reviews [Texte imprimé] : a guide for evaluating scholarly writing / edited by Yehuda Baruch, Sherry E. Sullivan and Hazlon N. Schepmyer.

ISBN: 978-1-403-99223-9 (rel)
1-403-99223-1 (rel)
Note de bibliographie: Bibliogr. en fin de chapitres. Index.
Table des matières: P. 1 Section 1, The art and science of reviewing P. 3 Chapter 1, Peer reviews in the production of knowledge : why i stopped worrying and learned to appreciate the flaws in the review process / Robert L. Dipboye P. 27 Chapter 2, Reviewing as a vital professional service / Richard L. Priem, Abdul A. Rasheed P. 41 Chapter 3, To review or not to review ? When you shouldn't accept a request to review / Ann Marie Ryan P. 63 Section 2, The practice of reviewing P. 65 Chapter 4, The fundamentals of reviewing / Sherry E. Sullivan, Madeline Crocitto, Shawn M. Carraber P. 79 Chapter 5, Fairness as a key criterion in reviewing / Debra L. Shapiro, Sim B. Sitkin P. 89 Chapter 6, Advice for the novice reviewer / Hazlon (Haze) Schepmyer, I. J. Hetty van Emmerik, Christine Oliver P. 104 Chapter 7, The effectiveness of the reviewing process P. 104 The manuscript review process : the proper roles of authors, referees and editors / Arthur G. Bedeian P. 116 The review process as a professional problem and some thoughts on solving that problem consonant with Bedeian's article / John B. Miner P. 125 Turning lemons into lemonade : where is the value in peer reviews ? / William H. Starbuck P. 141 Section 3, Reviewing different types of works P. 143 Chapter 8, Reviewing for academic journals : qualitative-based manuscripts / Cary L. Cooper, John Burgoyne P. 156 Chapter 9, Reviewing by the numbers : evaluationg quantitative research / S. Gayles Baugh, James G. Hunt, Terri A. Scandura P. 173 Chapter 10, Reviewing for scholarly practitioner journals / Sheila M. Puffer, James Campbell Quick, Daniel J. McCarthy P. 196 Chapter 11, Reviewing scholarly books / Walter Nord P. 203 Section 4, Answering reviews to get published P. 205 Chapter 12, Revising to be published : building trust to win the acceptance of journal editors and reviewers / Shaker A. Zahra, Donald O. Neubaum P. 224 Chapter 13, To revise and resubmit or not : that is the question / Yehuda Baruch, Yochanan Altman P. 236 Chapter 14, Communicating more effectively with editors : strategies for authors and reviewers / Daniel C. Feldman
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