Jihad vs. McWorld [Texte imprimé] / Benjamin R. Barber.

Variantes du titre: How globalism and tribalism are reshaping the world Jihad versus McWorld How globalism and tribalism are reshaping the world Jihad versus McWorld
ISBN: 978-0-345-38304-4 (br)
0-345-38304-4 (br)
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Table des matières: Part I, The new world of McWorld P. 23 The old economy and the birth of a new McWorld P. 33 The resource imperative: the passing of autarky and the fall of the west P. 50 The industrial sector and the rise of the east P. 59 From hard goods to soft goods P. 73 From soft goods to service P. 88 Hollyworld : McWorld's videology P. 100 Television and MTV : McWorld's noisy soul P. 118 Teleliterature and the theme parking of McWorld P. 137 Who owns the McWorld? The media merger frenzy Part II, The old world of Jihad P. 155 Jihad vs. McWorld or Jihad via McWorld? P. 169 Jihad within McWorld : The "Democracies" P. 184 China and the not necessarily democratic Pacific rim P. 195 Jihad within McWorld : "Transitional democracies" P. 205 Essential Jihad : Islam and fundamentalism Part III, Jihad vs McWorld P. 219 Jihad and McWorld in the new world disorder P. 236 Wild capitalism vs. democracy P. 247 Capitalism vs. democracy in Russia P. 260 The colonialization of East Germany by McWorld P. 268 Securing global democracy in the world of McWorld P. 293 Afterword
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