Brand media strategy [Texte imprimé] : integrated communications planning in the digital era / Antony Young.

ISBN: 978-0-230-10474-7 (rel)
0-230-10474-6 (rel)
Note de bibliographie: Bibliogr. p. [227]-232. Index.
Table des matières: P. 1 Introduction P. 7 Chapter 1, Google and Facebook, How they're changing the game P. 17 Chapter 2, The new media playbook, A new set of rules for a new media world P. 35 Chapter 3, A shift from media planning to communications planning, Enter the super planner P. 49 Chapter 4, Focusing on outcomes, not outputs, Setting the brand media strategy communication goals P. 65 Chapter 5, Insight over analysis, Finding a way in for the brand media strategy P. 87 Chapter 6, 1+1=3, Sparking consumer brand conversations through media P. 109 Chapter 7, Conducting the orchestra, Making integration real P. 127 Chapter 8, Unlocking moments of receptivity, How media context helps advertising deliver more relevant communications P. 145 Chapter 9, Touch point selection, Determining the right media channel mix P. 165 Chapter 10, Digitizing the brand media strategy, Not just another medium P. 189 Chapter 11, Execution is the x-factor, Bringing the brand media strategy to life P. 209 Chapter 12, Measurement and metrics, Making the brand media strategy accountable
Résumé ou extrait: "From YouTube to Facebook to the iPhone, today's media landscape offers more tools and platforms for the savvy marketer than ever before. And with this rapidly evolving technology come powerful ways to track what's working, what's not, and how to get the maximum impact for your brand in a shrinking economy. Media and brand expert Antony Young explores how today's most innovative marketers are integrating the latest media tools into a comprehensive strategy to grow their brands and are getting unprecedented results. He explores: * the future of advertising in traditional media and how to judge the investment's value in today's results-driven marketing world * how to get the maximum impact out of digital media, including online searches, social media, and mobile phones * the importance of employing non-traditional media vehicles, such as marketing PR, branded entertainment, and product placement. This is a must read for every marketer to help increase their brand's exposure while staying on budget"--Provided by publisher
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