Achieving Excellence in Management [Texte imprimé] : Identifying and Learning from Bad Practices / Andrew Kilner.

ISBN: 978-1-606-49122-5 (br)
Note de bibliographie: Index.
Table des matières: P. 1 Chapter 1, Introduction P. 5 Part I, Good and bad management P. 7 Chapter 2, Essential fundamentals P. 21 Chapter 3, Management failings P. 47 Chapter 4, Ideal managers and excellent companies P. 55 Part II, Applications to managing in different contexts P. 57 Chapter 5, Differences in managing small businesses P. 73 Chapter 6, Extra needs for international management P. 87 Part III, Applications to external situations P. 89 Chapter 7, Management issues and crises P. 101 Chapter 8, How to better manage our (world) affairs P. 115 Chapter 9, Conclusions, review of the past, changes for the future P. 121 Appendix A, Case study : the Rio to Paris plane crash P. 127 Appendix B, Applications to the management of soccer matches
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