Business Ethics and the Natural Environment [Texte imprimé] / Lisa H. Newton.

ISBN: 1-405-11663-3 (br)
978-1-405-11663-3 (br)
Note de bibliographie: Bibliogr. p. [243]-252. Index.
Table des matières: P. 10 1, Ethics : terms and forms of reasoning P. 25 Case 1 : New England Fisheries P. 48 2, From ethics to business ethics P. 77 Case 2 : Hooker Chemical & Love Canal P. 81 3, From ethics to environmental ethics P. 103 Case 3 : Great Apes as Bushmeat P. 114 4, The law and the natural environment P. 134 Case 4 : Pacific Lumber and the law P. 144 5, Green strategies and new opportunities P. 163 Case 5 : Ben & Jerry's P. 170 6, Globalizing : environmental problems abroad P. 191 Case 6 : Shell Oil in Nigeria P. 199 7, The role of civil society organizations P. 216 8, Sustainability : the new directions for business P. 229 Case 8 : The Bronx Community Paper Company
Note de contenu: Table of Contents1 Ethics:New England Fisheries 2 From Ethics to Business EthicsCase 2: Hooker Chemical and Love Canal3 From Ethics to Environmental EthicsCase 3: Great Apes as Bushmeat4 The Law and the Natural EnvironmentCase 4: Pacific Lumber5 Green Strategies and New Opportunities Case 5: Ben & Jerry's 6 Globalizing: Environmental Problems Abroad Case 6: Shell Oil in Nigeria 7 The Role of Civil Society OrganizationsCase 7: Monsanto and the GMOs8 Sustainability: The New Directions for Business Case 8: The Bronx Community Paper Company / Terms and Forms of ReasoningCase 1
Résumé ou extrait: Business Ethics and the Natural Environment examines the present status of relations between corporate enterprise and the natural environment in the world today. What obligations does the corporation bear to protect the natural environment, to respect entities that are not human and not protected by law, to be concerned with humans that will not exist for decades into the future, and to seek more environmentally friendly ways to do business? The author argues that the search for "green" innovations in business practice yields dividends beyond expectation, and that the competitive firm in this century will be the firm whose practices protect and enhance the natural environment. An excellent resource for students, this book provides a full background in ethics, an overview of business ethics, environmental legal issues and environmental philosophy, and an account of the problems associated with globalization and the response of nongovernmental organizations
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