Services marketing [Texte imprimé] : people, technology, strategy / Christopher Lovelock,... Jochen Wirtz,....

Auteur secondaire: Wirtz, Jochen Auteur
Edition: 7th edition. global edition
ISBN: 978-0-13-611874-9 (br)
Table des matières: P. 24 Part I, Understanding service products, consumers and markets P. 26 Chapter 1, New perspectives on marketing in the service economy P. 57 Chapter 2, Consumer behavior in a services context P. 81 Chapter 3, Positioning services in competitive markets P. 102 Part II, Applying the 4 Ps of marketing to services P. 104 Chapter 4, Developing service products : core and supplementary elements P. 131 Chapter 5, Distributing services through physical and electronic channels P. 157 Chapter 6, Setting prices and implementing revenue management P. 185 Chapter 7, Promoting services and educating customers P. 216 Part III, Managing the customer interface P. 218 Chapter 8, Designing and managing service processes P. 249 Chapter 9, Balancing demand and productive capacity P. 275 Chapter 10, Crafting the service environment P. 300 Chapter 11, Managing people for service advantage P. 334 Part IV, Implementing profitable service strategies P. 336 Chapter 12, Managing relationships and building loyalty P. 371 Chapter 13, Complaint handling and service recovery P. 401 Chapter 14, Improving service quality and productivity P. 438 Chapter 15, Striving for service leadership P. 462 Cases
Résumé ou extrait: Services marketing, once a tiny academic field championed by just a handful of pioneering professors, has become a thriving area of activity. Paralleling growing research efforts in both academia and business is increased student interest in taking courses that focus on different aspects of managing service organizations, including marketing. This makes a lot of sense from a career standpoint, since most business school graduates will be going to work in service industries and managers report that manufacturing-based models of business practice are not always useful to them.
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