Finance ethics [Texte imprimé] : critical issues in theory and practice / John R. Boatright.

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Table des matières: P. 1 Part I, Overview P. 3 1, Ethics in finance / John R. Boatright P. 21 Part II, Finance theory P. 23 2, Ethical implications of finance / Robert W. Kolb P. 45 3, Behavioral assumptions of finance / John Dobson P. 63 4, Efficiency and rationality / Nien-hê Hsieh P. 85 5, Returns, risk and financial due diligence / Christopher L. Culp and J. B. Heaton P. 103 6, Reputational risk / Ingo Walter P. 125 7, Agency theory / Joseph Health P. 143 8, The financial theory of the firm / Wayne Norman P. 161 Part III, Fairness in financial markets / Eugene Health P. 179 10, Regulation / Edward Soule P. 199 11, Insider trading / Peter-Jan Engelen and Luc Van Liederkeke P. 223 12, Derivative contracts : futures, options and swaps / James A. Overdahl P. 239 13, Hedge funds / Thomas Donaldson P. 253 14, Sovereign wealth funds / Colleen Baker P. 273 Part IV, Financial services P. 275 15, Marketing of financial services / George G. Brenkert P. 297 16, Financial codes of ethics / Julie A. Ragatz and Ronald F. Duska P. 325 17, Banking / Christopher J. Cowton P. 339 18, Mutual Funds / D. Bruce Johnsen P. 359 19, Pension funds / David Hess P. 373 20, Insurance / Julie A. Ragatz and Ronald F. Duska P. 393 21, Responsible investing / Céline Louche and Steven Lydenberg P. 419 22, Microfinance / Antonio Argandola P. 435 Part V, Financial management P. 437 23, Shareholder wealth maximization / Duane Windsor P. 457 24, Earnings management / Leonard J. Brooks Jr. P. 475 25, Investor relations / Cynthia Clark Williams and Lori Verstegen Ryan P. 495 26, Risk management / Peter C. Young P. 509 27, Bankruptcy / Ben S. Branch and Jennifer S. Taub P. 531 28, Acquisitions, mergers and takeovers / Anthony F. Buono and Roy A. Wiggins III P. 547 29, Executive compensation / John J. McCall P. 565 30, Boards of directors / Dan R. Dalton and Catherine M. Dalton
Résumé ou extrait: "A groundbreaking exploration of the critical ethical issues in financial theory and practice Compiled by volume editor John Boatright, Finance Ethics consists of contributions from scholars from many different finance disciplines. It covers key issues in financial markets, financial services, financial management, and finance theory, and includes chapters on market regulation, due diligence, reputational risk, insider trading, derivative contracts, hedge funds, mutual and pension funds, insurance, socially responsible investing, microfinance, earnings management, risk management, bankruptcy, executive compensation, hostile takeovers, and boards of directors. Special attention is given to fairness in markets and the delivery of financial services, and to the duties of fiduciaries and agents. Rigorous analysis of the topics covered provides essential information and practical guidance for practitioners in finance as well as for students and academics with an interest in finance ethics. Ethics in Finance skillfully explains the need for ethics in the personal conduct of finance professionals and the operation of financial markets and institutions."--
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