Natural products in plant pest management [Texte imprimé] / edited by Nawal K. Dubey,....

ISBN: 978-1-84593-671-6 (rel)
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Note de contenu: Global scenario on application of natural products in integrated pest management programme / N.K. Dubey ... [et al.] -- Plant products in control of mycotoxins and mycotoxigenic fungi on food commodities / Sonia Marin, Vicente Sanchis and Antonio J. Ramos -- Natural products from plants: commercial prospects in terms of antimicrobial, herbicidal and bio-stimulatory activities in an integrated pest management system / J.C. Pretorius and E. van der Watt -- Antimicrobials of plant origin to prevent biodeterioration of grains / K.A. Raveesha -- Some natural proteinaceous and polyketide compounds in plant protection and their potential in green consumerisation / A. Shcherbakova -- Natural products as allelo-chemicals in pest management / Roman Pavela -- Potency of plant products in control of virus diseases of plants / H.N. Verma and V.K. Baranwal -- Phytochemicals as natural fumigants and contact insecticides against stored product insects / Moshe Kostyukovsky and Eli Shaaya -- Prospectives of large scale use of natural products as alternatives to synthetic pesticides in developing countries / B. Olufolaji -- Current status of natural products in pest management with special reference to Brassica carinata as biofumigant / María Porras -- Fungal endophytes: an alternative mycomines for bioactive compounds for plant protection / R.N. Kharwar and Gary Strobel -- Suppressive effects of compost tea on phytopathogens / Santos Mila, Diánez Fernando and Carretero Francisco -- Biotechnology: a tool for natural product synthesis / Sanath Hettiarachi
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