Shared leadership [Texte imprimé] : reframing the hows and whys of leadership / editors, Craig L. Pearce, Jay A. Conger.

ISBN: 0-7619-2623-2
978-0-7619-2624-5 (br)
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Table des matières: P. 1 1, All those years ago : the historical underpinnings of shared leadership / Craig L. Pearce and Jay A. Conger P. 19 Part I, Conceptual models of shared leadership P. 21 2, Shared leadership : paradox and possibility / Joyce K. Fletcher and Katrin Kaüfer P. 48 3, Toward a model of shared leadership and distributed influence in the innovation process : how shared leadership can enhance new product development team dynamics and effectiveness / Jonathan F. Cox, Craig L. Pearce and Monica L. Perry P. 77 4, Can team members share leadership ? Foundations in research and theory / Anson Seers, Tiffany Keller and James M. Wilkerson P. 103 5, The role of shared cognition in enabling shared leadership and team adaptability / C. Shawn Burke, Stephen M. Fiore and Eduardo Salas P. 123 6, Self-leadership and superleadership : the heart and art of creating shared leadership in teams / Jeffery D. Houghton, Christopher P. Neck and Charles C. Manz P. 141 Part II, Methodological issues in the study of shared leadership P. 143 7, Assessing shared leadership : development and preliminary validation of a team multifactor leadership questionnaire / Bruce J. Avolio, Nagaraj Sivasubramaniam, William D. Murry, Don Jung and John W. Garger P. 173 8, A group exchange structure approach to leadership in groups / Scott E. Seibert, Raymond T. Sparrowe and Robert C. Liden P. 193 9, Shared leadership in work teams : a social network approach / Margarita Mayo, James R. Meindl and Juan-Carlos Pastor P. 215 Part III, The study of shared leadership in applied settings P. 217 10, Flow, creativity and shared leadership : rethinking the motivation and structuring of knowledge work / Charles Hooker and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi P. 235 11, Shared leadership in the management of group boundaries : a study of expulsions from officers' training courses / Boas Shamir and Yael Lapidot P. 250 12, The promise and pitfalls of shared leadership : when two (or more) heads are better than one / James O'Toole, Jay Galbraith and Edward E. Lawler, III P. 269 Part IV, Critique of shared leadership theory P. 271 13, Leadership : starting at the top / Edwin A. LOcke P. 285 14, A landscape of opportunities : future research on shared leadership / Jay A. Conger and Craig L. Pearce
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