The Bass handbook of leadership [Texte imprimé] : theory, research, and managerial applications / Bernard M. Bass ; with Ruth Bass.

Auteur secondaire: Bass, Ruth
Edition: 4th ed.
ISBN: 0-7432-1552-4 (rel)
978-0-7432-1552-7 (rel)
Note de bibliographie: Bibliogr. p. 1219-1436. Index, glossaire.
Table des matières: Part I, Introduction P. 3 Concept of leadership P. 27 Types and taxinomies P. 46 Models and theories of leadership Part II, Personal attributes of leaders P. 81 Traits of leadership(1904-1970) P. 103 Traits of leadership (1970-2006) P. 136 Activity level P. 151 Autoritarianism, power orientation, machiavellianism, and leadership P. 167 Values, self-esteem, well-being, and leadership P. 199 Ethics and leadership Part III, Personal attributes of leadership P. 241 Leadership and accorded status, esteem and trust P. 263 Power and leadership P. 291 Leadership and the distribution of power P. 319 Resolution of conflict P. 353 Authority, responsibility, accountability, and leadership P. 366 Reinforcement and instrumental leadership P. 400 Followers and mutual influence on leadership Part IV, Styles of leadership P. 439 Autocratic versus democratic leadership P. 458 Directive versus participative leadership P. 497 Task versus relations orientation P. 539 Initiation versus condsideration Part V, The "new" leadership : charismatic and transformational leadership P. 575 Charismatic leadership P. 618 Transformational leadership Part VI, Management and organizations P. 651 Manegerial work P. 682 Strategic and executive leadership P. 716 Environment and organizational effects P. 756 Leadership in groups and teams P. 786 Effects of task and technology P. 812 Stress effects P. 840 Effects of space, virtuality, and substitutes for leadership P. 874 Transfer and succession Part VII, Diversity and cultural effects P. 899 Women as leaders and followers P. 943 Minorities as leaders and followers P. 980 Globalization and cross national effects Part VIII, Development and identification of leaders and leadership P. 1051 Training and development P. 1123 Assessment, appraisal and selection Part IX, The future P. 1159 Looking ahead P. 1209 Glossary P. 1219 References P. 1437 Subject Index P. 1465 Author Index
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